Lynne M. Petermann 
Certified Dog Obedience Instructor
 Head Trainer-Valley Animal Hospital Clifton, NJ
Head Trainer -Estate Kennels Ringwood, NJ
Mentor Trainer ABC-Training Trainers since 2007
Mentor Trainer-Pet Care Institute since 2015
Mentor Trainer-CATCH Canine Trainers Academy since 2015
Head Trainer Club Barks West Paterson, NJ 2005-2012

The Pooky Professor was established after having trained my own reactive dog. "Pooky" had many behavioral problems as a pup such as fear aggression & resource guarding. I wasn't giving her back so I had no choice but to deal with her issues. I found I really enjoyed training & decided to persue this as a career. So I guess you could say my life has "Gone to the dogs!" Puppies do not come with instruction manuals and I knew that I wanted to help other new puppy owners get started off on the right paw! I constantly continue my education by attending related seminars including Ian Dunbar, Joel Silverman (Good Dog U), Victoria Stillwell (Its Me or the Dog) & Cesar Milan (The Dog Whisperer). I continue to learn from my colleagues, through apprenticeships, & I spend countless hours volunteering my time at various rescues & shelters as well as my main focus: The NJ SPCA. I am an evaluator for the American Kennel Club & for TDI (Therapy Dog Int'l) I am a mentor trainer for ABC (Animal Behavior College) and I am also Canine CPR & 1st aid trained. I work part-time behind the scenes in the kennel department of a local animal hospital. I come recommended by local veterinarians, breeders, groomers, rescue groups & other trainers. I hold educational seminars & I specialize in Group Puppy Kindergarten & Therapy Dog Prep Classes. I am also available for private sessions in your home. Puppies & Therapy are the main focus of my business, however, I train dogs of all ages, breeds & behaviors.  A retired certified personal trainer to humans, I have a special interest in exercise & canine nutrition, homemade dog food and holistic remedies. I believe the key to a good quality of life as we age is a good diet, exercise & a strong immune system & the same goes for our canine friends! I also have a special interest in aggression (fear & dominance) & behavior modification. I dabble in photography as you will see tons of photos on this site or on my photo page Pooky Prof Photography. I have a group Dog Walking Club hold Doggie Birthday Parties & can even teach your dog to walk nicely down the aisle for your Wedding. If you can dream it, I can do it. The Pooky Professor has been serving the community for over 16 years & has established herself as a well known trainer in northern NJ.
I share my life with my furry children: Mini cocker spaniel, Buttercup pit bull mix, & Mojo (cat)

MY POOKY 12/11/2002-7/11/2017      

Our facility is staffed with experienced trainers & assistants who are caring, dedicated, & have a genuine love of dogs. We truly enjoy what we do & we strive to offer exceptional customer service. As a mentor trainer for ABC Animal Behavior College, you will see students in class who are completing their externships, they are also there to assist you.  
Our methods: The dogs temperament plays a key role in what type of training your dog requires. We evaluate your dog as the classes progress & then use the proper method of training for your dog. Classes are tailored to the participants. We are well versed in all aspects of training methods from positive reinforcement, luring, shaping, marker training as well as traditional methods. We do not use one type of method alone, and what works for one dog, may not work so well for another dog. A good trainer knows that discipline is just as important as praise. We look forward to working with you!


Meet our Pack:

Mary Ellen Hartung, CDT
Mary Ellen is a certified dog trainer through CATCH Canine Trainers Academy.  Mary Ellen is also a private dog walker/trainer in Hawthorne. She will be assisting in classes at all 3 of our training   locations and is here to help you with any questions.

Mary Ellen Hartung, CDT Mary Ellen is a certified dog trainer through CATCH Canine Trainers Academy. Mary Ellen is also a private dog walker/trainer in Hawthorne. She will be assisting in classes at all 3 of our training locations and is here to help you with any questions.

How to Choose a Trainer:

Training your dog should be fun! A skilled and professional dog trainer employs humane training methods which are not harmful to the dog and/or handler.
A competent instructor will allow and encourage you to observe a class prior to making the decision to enroll. In a well-run class, dogs and people will be enjoying themselves and having a successful learning experience. Look for an instructor who is approachable and who encourages participants to have a good time.
A skilled class instructor will:
*Provide a clear explanation of each lesson.
*Demonstrate the behavior(s) that students will be teaching to their dogs.
*Provide clear instructions and written handouts on how to teach the behavior(s).
*Give students ample time in class to begin practicing the day's lesson.
*Assist students individually with proper implementation of techniques.
A conscientious trainer will stay informed about innovations in dog training and behavior tools and techniques. Check to see if the instructor is a member of any educational organizations such as the APDT, and whether she pursues ongoing educational opportunities. Just look at our wall of credentials!
A good instructor will take care to protect your dog's health in a group setting. Our facilities are thoroughly cleaned & disinfected on a daily basis.
Because of variables in dog breeding and temperament and owner commitment and experience, a trainer cannot and should not guarantee the results of his/her training.