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STUDENT TRAINERS: "Lynne, I hope to be half the trainer that you are!"
Online Testimonials from Student Trainers

"Lynne, Jon and I can't thank you enough for you're amazing training skills - Thor is actually on his way to becoming a "good boy" thanks to you!
We signed him up for "Fungility" and Thor is very excited that his friends Lucy and Chip were there too on the first day of class!"
Best, Jeannine, Jon & Thor (Boston Terrier)

"Thank you so much for a great class and a great experience!  Hope to see you on a walk soon!" 
Kathy and Roscoe (Mini Poodle)
"Hi all...This is the best class I ever took....Pooky Professor's "Fungility class at Club Barks.
I originally took the class because the winter was  sooooo boring.    
But working Lindsey and trying to get her to be a "good,  social dog"  is helping her and I am having sooooo much FUN!!!  
Had to share with you all".....Donna

"Hi Lynne, I just wanted to thank again for coming over and helping out with Max. 
Max has been doing good with his walking, and it looks like he’s starting to understand about the jumping and biting. 
John has been working on the sitting and down with him and he’s doing good with that too. I never used a trainer before, 
but what you have  shown us, is really working. I’m glad I found you and I would highly recommend you to anyone 
that needed a trainer. I didn’t think anything would work with him but you  proved me wrong. Thank you so much again! 
Karen, John & Max (German Shepherd) Little Falls, NJ
“Well where to start? I first met Lynne at a local Pet Store where I formally worked and when I first met her I did not have a dog, yet...As we started talking her knowledge of not only dog training and behaviors but of the quality of food and what to put into your dog was incredible. She had this sense about dogs and dogs picked up on it.  

A few months later a customer left a little black pug at the store and I took him home that night b/c we had no where to leave him. Well after the 1st night I knew I would adopt him. Mason had the worst separation anxiety it was rough at first. I called Lynne and asked her advice repeatedly. She said it'll take some time but with good socialization and training he'll come around. So once he got all his shots, off to puppy classes we went. Mason loved Auntie Lynne and after training and consistent praise Masons anxiety slowly started to lessen. Lynne also recommended daycare where I would leave him and pick him up to show him I'd always come back for him. I started out with 2 hour visits then 4 then after a few weeks he didn’t want to leave! If it hadn't been for Lynne and all her help I would probably not have even survived the 1st week with him.

I've seen her train the craziest dogs and within 1 class she has these dogs paying attention and listening to their owners. Lynne was doing a board and train for this rather rowdy large dog and she brought him to the pet store on the 1st day and this dog was out of control! She brought him back 3 days later and I thought it was a different dog, the dog was heeling, sat on command, and stayed it was amazing! She also has a walking club where we meet @ dog parks in the area its huge! I recommend her to everyone I know who has a dog!”
Rob & Mason (Pug) Totowa, NJ 


 "Hey Lynne...She is doing great!! walks like a pro... and is doing good with ignoring rabbits, squirels, etc. She has not come into direct contact with dogs yet, but I think she will be ok ignoring them too. She also has the sit for everything, down and is staying pretty well!! We got the Kong and she loves it! Oh and my husband is doing great too...LOL much more confident! Thanks so much for your help! You are great at what you do"
Kris & Mia (mix) Little Falls, NJ

"Hi Lynne & Pooky,

What a Wonderful experience from start to finish with the Therapy Dog Class!  We passed the test (Mac was confident, I was nervous I’d mess it up for her) and she also passed her CGC test as well!  I’m a very proud Momma today and look forward to volunteering!  We Love the school, love your instructors J."

Mari & Mac (Shep Mix)

"Hello Auntie Lynne,
As you know, my Mommy is very shy, so I thought I would write to you and say how very grateful we are to have had you as our trainer. My Mommy and I are sad, too, that class is over but we will stay in touch. We have learned a great deal from you. Mommy says that I am a better doggie for knowing you.  You are a furever friend!
Love and Licks,"
LUCY (Boston Terrier)

"Hi Lynne, Steph and I just wanted to say thank you again for your help in training Parker. Our friends and family can't believe how much he knows already. We really enjoyed bringing him to puppy kindergarten every Saturday and we know he enjoyed himself to. We look forward to seeing you in the future. Also thanks for sending the pictures of Parker and the slideshow.
Stepth, Bill & Parker (English Bulldog Puppy)

BOARD & TRAIN: "Lynne! I do not even know where to begin...you are amazing! Michael and I are so impressed with Max’s new manners...we cannot believe that with only 5 days of your training Max has accomplished SO MUCH. Max is a pleasure to walk. Just a few hours ago, Michael took him for a walk around the lake and he was perfect. There were so many distractions but Max really stayed focused. As another dog came towards him, Max just watched the dog walk right past him. But most impressive, was his newly learned “leave it” skills; I dropped bits of steak at his paws and upon my command he did not even flinch to get the meat (you should have seen the look on our faces!). Thank you...thank you...thank you! Great job and we will continue to reinforce all WE learned.
See you soon (I know Max misses you!)."
Robyn K. & Max (Golden-Doodle) Wayne, NJ

"Thank you so much! Burton's graduation photo is great! I'll have to frame it with his diploma. I am so proud of him! Thank you again for all of your help. I was so intimidated of having a puppy and not knowing what to do and therefore creating a misbehaved nightmare dog. But your class was just what I needed! We BOTH have been trained. Burton is turning into a wonderful dog that people like being around..... At least until he reaches the terrible teens! ha ha"
Kristen & Burton (Choc Lab)

"Burton was my first puppy, so I knew we needed help. We found The Pooky Professor's website and I could tell right away that both Burton and I would be getting the training we needed and would have fun doing it. The classes were really well organized, and the hand outs and homework were really helpful. Emailed questions were always answered promptly. Besides the obedience training, Lynne is also extremely knowledgeable when it comes to pet nutrition and gave us some much appreciated information on diet. Burton and I always looked forward to class... and his graduation photo (complete with cap and bowtie!) is still sitting proudly in our living room. I highly recommend taking your puppy to The Pooky Professor for a solid and extremely fun foundation!"
Kristen & Burton (Lab puppy)
UPDATE: Burton now competes in Agility!!

"I just wanted to say how much Ron and I enjoyed coming to puppy kindergarten
classes with Toby, Not only did Toby learn alot, but we did too! I have been to other schools and you RULE! I will highly recommend you to my friends. Have a great day."
Joan, Ron & Toby (Boxer pup) Boonton, NJ

"Not a day goes by that my husband CJ and I don't thank goodness for you and for all of your knowledge and training! Times when Molly is being her crazy lovable puppy lab self- AT LEAST she listens to her commands that she learned in Puppy Kindergarten class! I have recommended you for training to everyone I know who has a dog because you are so professional and caring. You are always willing to help me out if I email you a question (getting back to me right away) and its obvious that you truly care for all of your "students!" We appreciate the emails that you send out on a weekly basis and can't wait to join you and Pooky for a Sunday walk. Molly is such a wonderful puppy- and you are responsible for part of her learning and growth - so thank you again!" Woof
Larissa & Molly~ (Yellow Lab) Cedar Grove, NJ

Hi Lynne - "Thank you for your time today, I really appreciated it. I like your style, you were really good with Iniki and gentle at the same time. I look forward to working with you and can't wait to start the fungility! Meanwhile we will be concentrating on our homework."
Jan & Iniki (Great Dane) Hawthorne, NJ

"Thank you so very much for all you taught us and the loves you showed Brody. You are one of the most dedicated dog loving professionals I have had the pleasure of working with. I am so grateful that Dr. Mock's office directed us to you. Love & Licks from Brody - hope you and Pooky have a wonderful day!"
Judy G. & Brody (Cocker puppy) West Caldwell, NJ

"Lilo, Guy and I Thank you very much. You were very helpful and insightful yesterday. We all had a lot of fun and after a short run this morning Lilo peed outside! She did the down position for her morning vitamin and was coming every time I called her. You were right, running her definitely makes her a happier dog. I look forward to the Basic Class for her. I will definitely be recommending you to anyone I know that has or is getting a dog. Let me know when the next dog walk is, we will definitely be there! Thanks again!"
Amy, Guy & Lilo (Boston Terrier) Passaic, NJ

"We wanted to thank you for making us better parents to Max. It is amazing what we all learned. Even our neighbors and friends see the vast difference and often comment on the change in Max! We will continue to train with him & continue what we learned at home. We look forward to more training opportunities and will look for your Fall schedule and perhaps joining you on a walk!
Chris, Susan and Max (Yellow Lab X)

"Hey, POOKSTER! Tiger is doing GREAT! We love him soooo much. He is such a great, sweet puppy. No terrible teens yet, just love and companionship, and FUN! He always lets us know when he needs to go out and his training is wonderful and easy. He behaves, idolizes our cat, Puff, and has become good friends with Sean our Parrot. We have been taking him on long walks along our roads and I have gotten him over the fear of other barking dogs in the neighborhood. He is learning so well. I'd give him an A plus. He is 7 months old now. Lynne your training was invaluable and he is so trainable. He always obeys and we let him run around the yard with us. He has learned to walk on a short leash in strange or semi safe situations. He has filled out and gotten much stronger and broader along with longer wavy hair. He is a doll. You must come to visit when you get time. He has developed a nice Woof when he hears people and we thank God he sent him to us. Love to you from us all and thanks for caring. We will always remember The Pooky Professor."
Loves and woofs, Roger, Teri and Tiger (Papillon) Kinnelon, NJ

"Thank you for the picture, and thank you for being such a great teacher. Delyla and her humans learned a lot and had a great time doing it. We will definitely keep in touch.
Matt, Alison & Delyla (Wheaton)

"I've just recently started taking my pup Kenny to training classes. I must say, they are very informative. In a very short time, I've gained valuable knowledge required to properly train my baby boy. You actually don't realize how much you don't know until you've taken a few of these classes!! The instructor Lynne is great! You can just tell that she is an animal lover... She's patient, interested, and very informative. I definitely recommend these classes to anyone looking for some dog training guidance. Thanks for everything!"
Cathy and Kenneth (English Bulldog)-Nutley, NJ

"I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of time and care spent with my Morgan.
I learned alot and have followed your directions.....It has worked !!!  He finally understands commands.
You gave me the patience I needed and the knowledge to get my little boy to listen. I would recommend you any time to anyone!!!! Thanks for your help."
Janet Salveson-Kaye & Morgan (Maltese)-Little Falls, NJ

Dear Lynne & Pooky,
"Thank you for your help with Raven's Puppy Kindergarten Training which has been of great benefit for the whole family. Having my 10 year old female chow chow (Rage) in the house was a big challenge at the beginning. At training, Raven was socialized & learned to be around other dogs and that helped her to be around (Rage) at home. Now my 2 four legged babies are like sisters where (Rage) the oldest, is always looking after the youngest. I am very happy to see how every night Rage waits for Raven to go in her crate to sleep and she goes to her pillow right next to her sister. Once again, thank you!"
Ruth Mendez & Raven-(Pit Bull) Clifton, NJ

"Puppy Kindergarten with Lynne was GRRREAT ! Our little shih-a-poo, Bentley, learned to play well with other dogs, to not be frightened of every unknown sound & we learned some neat skills & tricks too! It’s a great way to create a special bond between parent & puppy!"
Jody & Bentley-(Shitzapoo) Cedar Grove, NJ
UPDATE: "It’s official ! Bentley passed his therapy dog test! Woohoo!
Just thought you would like to know how well one of your graduates is doing.... "

"I believe Lynne has the dedication to her field. It is not an easy task training puppies. It takes alot of time and patience. Lynne makes the best attempt at training as well as giving love and affection to her "pupils".
I would recommend her as your trainer for your pup!"
Esther DelCarpio & Malita aka "Molly" (Chow mix)-Little Falls, NJ.
UPDATE: Molly is now a Therapy Dog!

"I just wanted to thank you for everything you've done for both Ginger and us. We will miss your weekly visits. You've been a joy to work with and have given Ginger some much needed training and love." Thanks again and we'll keep in touch.
Susan Aschengrau & Ginger-(Mini-dachsund) Glen Rock, NJ

"Thank you so much..for everything. You are so thorough. My family LOVED the photos of Noodle in her cap and gown. I printed the one you took and hung it on my fridge. I'm a proud momma.
I didn't know it was possible, but Noodle is an even better dog after training with you. I appreciate what you've taught us and think you are wonderful at what you do. Keep up the great work! And we will definitely keep in touch."
Kelly & Noodle (Mini-dachsund) Garfield, NJ

"Thank you so much for all your help and patience! It was a very valuable experience for us and for Ginger. We will definitely keep in touch! Peace!
Angie & Ginger (Sheltie mix?) Newark, NJ

Hi Lynne,
"Thank you for helping us with Tiki, the coins in the can really help when he gets on a counter or table. My girlfriend and I have noticed a big difference with him when we walk. The shorter lead gives us more control too. We will continue work with him some more. Again, Thank you for the guidance."
Chris, Christine, & Tiki (Weimeraner) Mahwah, NJ

Hi Lynne!
"I just wanted to thank you again for a great class! Neeko and I learned so much and had a great time in the process. Thanks again!"
Asheley & Neeko (Chihauhau) Clifton, NJ