(No Training, Playtime only-Divided by Size)
Socializing your new pup with people & other dogs is very important!
Supervised by a trainer. For healthy, friendly pups 10 weeks & up.
Requirements: 1st distemper series, and Bordetella
We follow the guidelines given forth by
Please do not come to playtime until 48 hours after your last shot!
(30) Minute Sessions Tuition: FREE (Limited to 3 sessions)
Learn the Basics! (Classes Divided by Size)
Introduction to simple cues such as Sit, Look, Come, Down, Stay, Drop it & General Leash Manners. Includes Supervised Off Leash Puppy Playtime & Socialization. Open discussions on Housebreaking/Crate training, Safety, Nutrition, Grooming, & Problem Solving. Week 6 offers a Graduation ceremony complete with Cap, Gown & Diploma, where the pups can show off their new skills! Get your pup started off on the right PAW!
Requirements: For healthy, friendly pups 10 weeks-5 months. 1st distemper series, & the Bordetella vaccine. (See playtime guidelines above)
(6) Week Class Tuition: $189
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