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Class Liability Waiver & Release  

Please take the time to read & sign this waiver for insurance purposes. Please be aware that by signing this waiver you are giving up important legal rights.  

~I agree that I am voluntarily offering my dog for participation in obedience training.  

~I understand that this is a release of liability & I, attending family members/guests, individuals, and 3rd parties hereby discharge Lynne Petermann (Trainer-the Pooky Professor) Trainers assistants, its owners & employees from any claims, demands, injuries, and/or damages that are in any way related to participation in obedience training either during or after training.  

~I am aware than animal behavior can be unpredictable & participation in group classes is not a guarantee of my pets future behavior. A dog always has the propensity to bite, therefore, there are no guarantees, representations, implied or expressed promises that the training received will cure a dog of any dangerous propensities. I agree that I am being trained to train my dog & that without 100% cooperation with the trainer, the dog will not get trained. I understand that it is my responsibility to take what I have learned & apply it at home on a daily basis.  

~Trainer is not responsible for behavioral and/or temperament issues. I hereby hold harmless Lynne Petermann (Trainer-The Pooky Professor) Trainers assistants, from any & all claims & I waive the right that I may have to bring legal action against the trainer for any injuries my dog may cause or sustain including biting, bites from other dogs, illness, property damage or negligence.  

~I affirm that my dog is current on all vaccinations appropriate for my dogs age. I understand the trainer has the right to dismiss the dog & its owners from training if she feels the dog is a danger to herself or others including aggression and/or sickness.  

~Furthermore, I authorize Lynne Petermann (Trainer-The Pooky Professor) Trainers assistants to use my written testimonials, videos, & photos in their advertising, websites, or promotional materials for an indefinite period of time.