The Pooky Legacy Fund has been created to to help raise money for needy dogs in NJ. 
All money raised will go towards vet bills who really need it.



Hope for King Arthur

I have someone very special to introduce to you. This is my Arthur! Arthur is an 11-year-old (we think although I believe he is older) Pekingese who was surrendered to W.A.R. Rescue after he was kicked in the face and his lower jaw was broken. He also had a severe dental infection and had part of his lower jaw removed. Even though he must have been in great amounts of pain, Arthur is THE SWEETEST BOY!

After adopting him at the end of April, we bonded very quickly. One Sunday in June we got up like normal and he was limping on his Right front paw. I immediately took him to the vet. The vet said this is not an injury, its something neurological. This is typically treated with rest and steroids, however, due to Arthur's heart condition she sent me to a neurologist. After seeing the cardiologist and being cleared to go on steroids, he spent 3 days at the hospital on IV pain meds and steroids. He came home. After about 2 weeks  we started to wean him off the steroids & he got worse again so he spent another 2 days in the hospital under the neurologist care on IV pain meds and steroids. Again he was sent home on oral steroids, pain meds and also wore a pain patch for a week. He slightly improved but hasnt been able to walk since. I took things into my own hands and began acupuncture & light therapy. Recently we began rehab so Arthur can gain strength in his legs which are now like noodles. We are doing aqua therapy, cold laser, at home exercises and recently he got a cart to strengthen his back legs. He is doing well and Im beginning to see slight improvement. This little dog has the biggest will and I hope one day he can walk again on his own. I wish to continue his medical needs (neurology, cardiology, rehab) but need your help. If you'd like to help me with Arthur's journey, wont you consider making a donation to The Pooky legacy fund via PayPal with a note of well wishes for Arthur! Once we reach our goal, we will continue to raise $$$ for other dogs in need.