Leash Manners This is a 1 hour learning clinic. This clinic is for dogs that need to learn or brush up on their leash manners & not pull you down the street. We will also discuss & use different non-pull training tools, which one would be best for your dog, and how to use them effectively. No pull collars will also be for sale, starting at $15. We will then discuss safe and dog friendly techniques to make walking your dog a pleasure, then we walk together as a pack. 
(EZ Walker Harness, Gentle Leader, prong, choker, etc)
Tuition: (1) Hour Clinic $45
Terrible Teens Is your dog no longer a cute puppy, but not quite a seasoned adult yet..? This 1 hour clinic is for you! If your pup is between the ages of 5 months and 2 years, you are smack in the middle of doggy adolescence, rebellious, wont listen, forgets everything they've learned, maybe getting a litte pushy, confident? Teen dogs can be QUITE the handful! This 1 hour clinic will focus on a review of the basics, offer more distractions, and troubleshoot individual needs. For healthy pups 6 months & up.
Tuition: (1) Hour Clinic $50
Fearful Fidos This 1 hour learning clinic is especially for the shy, fearful dog. Dogs may cower, or may exhibit aggression towards strangers, men & other dogs. This class will help you to "manage" the situation using desensitation & confidence building exercises. For healthy dogs 6mos & up.  
Tuition: (1) Hour Clinic $50